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It's Not Over Yet   — Mar 19, 2020

GBWN wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outpouring of support over the last few days following Judge Estes' decision in Nevada’s Seventh Judicial District Court.

This decades-long fight has required a lot of time, energy, and money from many unsung heroes who’ve given whatever they could whenever we’ve asked. You all have done so for a simple reason: It’s the right thing to do. As Judge Estes decision shows, it is worth it.

There are no guarantees that aquifers will always be full, springs will always bubble, and streams will always flow in the Great Basin. Thanks to you, future generations may have the privilege of experiencing places like Spring, Cave, Dry Lake, and Delamar Valleys as we do today.

While we are celebrating this recent victory, we are not letting down our guard. There are many scenarios that could pan out in the courts, regulatory realm, and in various legislative arenas in the coming months. We are waiting to see if SNWA or the state appeals this decision or takes other courses of action. While this victory is sweet, it is not a final blow. Threats remain.

As long as there’s a desire to profit off of water, our resources will always be at risk in the nation's driest state. That is why we must all remain united and remain skeptical of what the future holds. Whatever happens in the coming months, we will still have your back. And we hope that you will still have ours.

In these unprecedented times, please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay vigilant. We need each other for the long haul.


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