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Mar. 12, 2010

"Welcome to Owens Valley East" -- [Ralph R. Sacrison, Elko, LTE, NV Appeal]

So do I have this right? A state agency acts on 16 years of water rights all at once, is brought to task by the Nevada Supreme Court, and the agency head now wants the Legislature to retroactively allow the transgressions and change the water laws?

The state did not follow the law, so bureaucrats wish to provide cover for the state — the law and individual water rights be damned. The claim is being made that the Supreme Court action will cause chaos for water rights in Nevada. Could it be that years of agency actions have precipitated any expected chaos, not the Supreme Court? Could it be that a little bureaucratic chaos may be the only thing protecting individual rural water rights?

Other ways to look at it are that apparently rural water rights are meaningless, only urban votes warrant protection. And, evidently, they were easier to protect in the manner the water rights originally were mishandled. This particular bureaucratic tactic seems to include L.A.- and Chicago-style politics. It seems the bureaucrats are embracing the Single Commandment of Animal Farm, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

Oh, and welcome to Owens Valley East.

Ralph R. Sacrison

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