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HealthyWaters — Nevada is the driest state in the country. And yet, we're also home to rivers, lakes, and forests, sagebrush steppes and playas. We have millions of acres of habitat for wildlife, including not just desert tortoise but also cutthroat trout, eagles and hawks, deer, elk, antelope - at home on the range.

We're also home to farmers and ranchers who produce local fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

And we're an outdoor recreation destination for hikers, hunters, backpackers, boaters, birders, campers, anglers - at home on the range.

To sustain the health of our human, animal, and plant communities, we must protect our state's limited water resources. After all, without water there is no life.

Unfortunately, the sustainability of our water sources is under threat. 1 in 5 of the state's groundwater basins is overtaxed. There have been multiple plans to export water from one part of the state to another, including the current controversial project to build a 300 mile pipeline from the area surrounding Great Basin National Park to Las Vegas, removing over 55 billion gallons of water every year. No region can survive in the face of these massive water grabs, or development that exhausts the water supply.

The health of our state depends on healthy waters. We believe our water policy needs to be based on sustainability, and that instead of draining valleys and using every last drop, we should be focused on stronger water conservation and recycling programs. Will you stand with us?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on how you can make your voice heard. Show your support on social media using #HealthyWaters. Learn more about the Water Grab pipeline and other issues on our website.

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