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The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. Read our 40 questions and answers about the Las Vegas Water Grab Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court Press Releases, GWBN Newsletters & Other Documents

In The News — Below are press stories about the ongoing drought in the west; press stories also cover the Southern Nevada Water Authority's "water grab" in Nevada and Utah; and other "mega" water projects that threaten the Great Basin.
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August 2015 — What You Need to Know About the Water Crisis in the West — Causes of, and potential solutions to the Water Crisis on the Colorado River — by Abrahm Lustgarten, David Sleight, Amanda Zamora and Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica, and John Grimwade, Special to ProPublica

August 28, 2015 — Alternate ideas emerge for SNWA ‘water grab’ at Drought Forum— The final Nevada Drought Forum meeting for obtaining information was held on Aug. 19 in Sparks. Members of Nevada’s agricultural community, the Great Basin Water Network, Rural water organizations (including the Central Nevada Water Authority), and Tribes participated. Local input was given by Rick Spilsbury and Delaine Spilsbury. Rick Spilsbury suggested that the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) consider a profitable alternative to the Groundwater Development Project (the Watergrab). Rick’s idea was to install Photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays on Lake Mead — [Print this story - PDF]

(Photo: Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun) August 27, 2015 — Learning from Sin City: How Las Vegas saves so much water [LAS VEGAS HAS THE COACHELLA VALLEY BEAT AT CONSERVATION. WHAT IS SIN CITY DOING RIGHT?] The clock reads 7:30 a.m. as Perry Kaye climbs into a truck outside the Las Vegas Valley Water District office, a few miles from the Strip. It’s already a punishingly hot August day in Sin City, but Kaye is ready to do the job he’s done for the last decade: Patrol the city, looking for water wasters —

August 27, 2015 — Iron County sees a pipeline as its water savior – but not from Lake Powell — Cedar City: Forget the Lake Powell pipeline. In a community struggling with a depleted aquifer and land subsidence, the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District is banking on a 50-mile, $150 million pipeline to ease the area's water shortage. Still seven to 10 years away, the first phase of the pipeline project would pump up to 15,000 acre-feet of water — nearly 5 billion gallons — per year from Pine Valley in the West Desert to Cedar City — Salt Lake Tribune

August 22, 2015 — Federal river master: 'No shortages yet' on Colorado River — The Colorado River, the life-sustaining waterway of the American West, supplies water to nearly 40 million people. But years of drought and over-consumption have endangered the river, as well as the communities who rely on it for their livelihoods. Estevan López is commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency responsible for water management in the West. Fault Lines spoke to him about the laws that govern the Colorado River, as well as why—when it comes to conservation—the federal government’s powers may be limited. An edited transcript of the conversation follows —

August 20, 2015 — Putting stock in trading water at forum — SPARKS: Water users in Eureka County’s Diamond Valley are going to soon be testing a market for trading water in the same way shares of companies are traded on a stock exchange. The goal is to try out a more flexible way for managing and using water that avoids some of the pitfalls of Nevada’s century old prior-appropriation water rights system, especially in areas such as Diamond Valley, where water is both seriously over pumped and over appropriated [Print PDF] — Nevada Appeal

August 20, 2015 — Drought panel told there’s forage, not water on Nevada range — Northern Nevada ranchers told a panel studying ongoing regional drought on Wednesday that there's a bumper crop of grass on the open range, and they want to be allowed to turn more cattle out to graze on it. Accounts of rains in recent months bringing wildflowers to northern parts of the state surfaced during a Nevada Drought Forum hosted by the state Department of Agriculture in Sparks — AP

August 19, 2015 — Losing Water, California Tries to Stay Atop Economic Wave —

August 18, 2015 — Lake Mead water outlook improves — LAS VEGAS: Wet weather in May and June brought good news Monday from federal water managers keeping close tabs on the Colorado River water supply for about 40 million residents in seven Southwest U.S. states. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation projected normal water deliveries to residents, farms, tribes and businesses at least through 2016 and possibly through 2017, water agency officials in Arizona, Nevada and California said — AP

August 18, 2015 — Environmental group says limit growth to save water — CARSON CITY: The president of an environmental group has suggested limits on growth to conserve the state’s limited water resources and preserve residents’ quality of life. Abby Johnson, president of the Great Basin Water Network [GBWN], told Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Drought Commission that it should answer a simple question: “How many people can today’s proven water supplies and conservation techniques support?” [Print PDF] — Las Vegas Sun
Related Information — Read GBWN's President Abby Johnson's formal statement to Governor Sandoval's Drought Commission [3 Page PDF]

August 14, 2015 — How California Is Winning the Drought [The state’s scorching summer of 2015 is showing us that we know what to do when it comes to conserving water — we just have to do it.] — FOR California, there hasn’t ever been a summer quite like the summer of 2015. The state and its 39 million residents are about to enter the fifth year of a drought. It has been the driest four-year period in California history — and the hottest, too. Yet by almost every measure except precipitation, California is doing fine. Not just fine: California is doing fabulously —

Las Vegas Review Journal August 09, 2015 — [SNWA] water authority in sheep trouble with park service — For years, sheep from a ranch in White Pine County have been grazing illegally inside Great Basin National Park, but don't expect some Bundy-style government roundup. This is no rogue rancher flouting federal authority. These animals belong to the Southern Nevada Water Authority. "It's been going on for a while now, and we're still having trouble with trespass sheep," park superintendent Steve Mietz said. Since 2009, the National Park Service has been telling the Las Vegas Valley's wholesale water supplier to keep its livestock out of the roughly 77,000-acre park in the Snake Mountains 300 miles northeast of Las Vegas — Las Vegas Review Journal   [Mobil Link]   [Print PDF]

August 04, 2015 — Henderson water rates rise as Lake Mead levels fall — Joining other local water districts, Henderson approved an added fee on water bills Tuesday to help pay for a new pumping station at Lake Mead. The money will go to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, not the city — Las Vegas Review Journal [Mobil Link]

Credit: Wolfgang Staudt/Flickr August 02, 2015 — The Colorado River is crucial to the West's water supply – and harnessing it was a feat — Water supply in the West isn’t only about rain, or the lack thereof. A good deal of water scarcity issues have to do with decades-old policy on water issues and entrenched infrastructure. It’s a convoluted situation, and reporter Abrahm Lustgarten of ProPublica is part of a team that is working to make sense and put broader perspective on the Western water crisis and the central role of the Colorado River. Their findings are being reported in a series called, “Killing the Colorado.” — PRI

Agust 01, 2015 — Seven Things That Might Surprise You About California's Drought — Residents of California are understandably worried about the state’s drought, as a Care2 survey confirmed earlier this year. But as I read more about what’s going on in my state, I discovered several pieces of misinformation, or at least not-quite-accurate reports. Here’s a list of seven things that might surprise you —

July 29, 2015 — I-Team: Former SNWA workers says they lied about Ranch costs — You may not know it, but everyone in southern Nevada has an ownership stake in a ranching empire located in east-central Nevada. The ranches were purchased years ago by the Southern Nevada Water Authority as part of its plan to go after billions of gallons of rural groundwater. The water agency spent tens of millions of public dollars to buy the ranches, and even more money to operate them. Now, a former accountant for SNWA alleges the water agencies have been lying about how much money they spend each month to keep the ranches open — [Print - PDF]

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